Hippies are back..nope, just my fedora :) 99% working in eeepc

Nope… hippies aren’t back…but fedora 9 reaches 99 % compatibility with eeePC 701 (maybe also other models)

Yesterday I said we were at 98%….. tonight Duli posted a fix for Fn+F5 (external monitor switch)……. so NOW doesn’t work only hibernate!!!!!

You can install fedora 9 in your eeepc just using our tips and fixes.. and you will enjoy a full mobile experience 🙂


eeepc seems to like speed improvements made in gnome and xorg…. so thank you to all the fedora project’s members!

What are you waiting? format your xandros/mandriva/eeexubuntu/etc.. installation, and install our loved distribution!

Please: help us in fixing the hibernate issue….so fedora will be 100 % compatible 🙂


Dreams come true..Fedora 9 in eeePC! 98 % WORKING!!!

Yes… Fedora 9 is WORKING in our loved jewel! All the main issues have been fixed!

In these days I did a better layout for our eeepc wiki page..and added some new fixes and workaround.

Now has all the fixes found by Duli (fedoraproject), Vince (eeeuser), me and other boys that are working to improve the fedora experience with eeePC.

What works:

-Ultra clean suspend/resume (wifi resume fixed, without madwifi suspend fixed, screen brightness resuming fixed)

-Fn volume keys, brightness, suspend, wifi ON/OFF, Webcam ON/OFF

-Clean shutdown

-Internal microphone

What doesn’t work:

-Fn+F5 (LCD to External monitor switch)

YES! really! only these two issues!

But we need HELP!

So PLEASE, help us in fixing the last two issues!

Fedora runs VERY VERY VERY WELL with stock gnome, etc!




Fedora 9 nel piccolo

In attesa di fare un articolino e qualche guida su fedora 9 nel “piccolino”….vi voglio mostrare uno screen 😀

Esattamente…io mi sto muovendo IN QUESTO MOMENTO in questo spazio…..ci traduco pezzi di fedora, ci navigo, ci ascolto musica, ci faccio qualche stupidaggine su gimp (che odio quella interfaccia spreca spazio) e tanto altro 🙂

Stay tuned

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