Hippies are back..nope, just my fedora :) 99% working in eeepc

Nope… hippies aren’t back…but fedora 9 reaches 99 % compatibility with eeePC 701 (maybe also other models)

Yesterday I said we were at 98%….. tonight Duli posted a fix for Fn+F5 (external monitor switch)……. so NOW doesn’t work only hibernate!!!!!

You can install fedora 9 in your eeepc just using our tips and fixes.. and you will enjoy a full mobile experience 🙂


eeepc seems to like speed improvements made in gnome and xorg…. so thank you to all the fedora project’s members!

What are you waiting? format your xandros/mandriva/eeexubuntu/etc.. installation, and install our loved distribution!

Please: help us in fixing the hibernate issue….so fedora will be 100 % compatible 🙂



3 Risposte

  1. i thought you’d say about hippies. but thanksfor the info tho.

  2. quanti ci impiega ad accendersi ?

  3. ottimizzando, si va sui 40 secondi circa..sinceramente non ho mai contato. Comunque tempo accettabile.


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